Siam Forestry

The Siam Forestry Company Limited (SFT) in Packaging Business, SCG is a full service provider of eucalyptus wood business. Our services start from eucalyptus clone and site matching research and development, planting of eucalyptus seedling promotion, plantation consultant and eucalyptus wood procurement.

The Siam Forestry Company Limited (SFT) in
Packaging Business, 
We provide full service of eucalyptus wood business

The Siam Forestry Company Limited (SFT) in SCG Packaging is one of the leading Thai companies operating wood businesses which includes fast growing eucalyptus seedling promotion for small farmers, plantation for large scale farmers as well as wood and biomass procurement for domestic industrial supply and international markets.

With innovation, modern technologies, continuous clone breeding research and development, along with plantation sustainable management (FSC™), the company is aiming to provide the best customer experience under the good governance and the commitment of sustainable development in terms of economy, society and environment.

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และปุ๋ยเคมี “คู่ดิน”


รับซื้อ และส่งออกชิ้นไม้สับ

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Thailand Green Design Awards 2015

Ku Din Fertilizer by SCG Packaging won the eco-friendly product award from Thailand Green Design Award 2015 contest.

Mr. Supoch Lueangpraplut, representative of SFT received the award at Kasetsart University from Dr. Bodin Rassameeted, Vice President Associate Professor of Kasetsart University, Sriracha campus.



Marketing Day & MAT Award 2017

SFT received the Silver Award in Excellence Marketing from “Innovative Planting in Saline Soils”. Mr. Mahasan Thieravarut, SFT Managing Director, was the representative to receive the Award.

“Innovative Planting in Saline Soils” was the project that complies with Thailand 4.0 with tangible and uncomplicated. With the concept "Better soils, more income, no supply shortage" leads to an equation of sustainable: Rice yield + Eucalyptus + Saline soil vegetables = Farmers better life with sustainable income.


Thailand PES Award 2017

SFT received Thailand PES Award 2017 (Payment for Ecosystem Services) from Assistant Professor Dr.Pitak Chanchareon, Chairman of the Executive Board of Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (Public Organization) or BEDO.