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The Siam Forestry Co., Ltd. (SFT) has been in a fast-growing eucalyptus plants business for long to provide raw materials to SCG affiliates and open market as well as exporting market. With experience throughout 25 years, SFT therefore has formed a group of eucalyptus plantation expertise teams to provide full services of eucalyptus plantation for farmers and interested investors.

Our services as following

  • Soil test: Clone and site matching for high survival rate
  • Consulting service: Plantation, treatment for efficient productivity
  • Site preparation and planting under expertise monitoring: guarantee 90% survival rate within the first 3 month
  • Plantation treatment: Weeding, fertilizer, fire protection, etc.
  • Harvest and transportation services

Interested in eucalyptus fast-growing plantation or land lease please contact

Mr. Narakorn Srilert               (08 9918 1552)
Mr. Parkpoom Klinprachum   (08 9254 5160)

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